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2020 Achilles Hb-Dx Series Inflatable Boat Hb-315dx

Achilles HB-315DX inflatable boat is one of the popular sizes from the DX RIB series. All of the DX series feature a flat deck with a bow locker. Quality accessories and durable Hypalon fabric ensure the boat will last decades. With a 20-horsepower outboard, one can expect the boat to plane with up to four persons. Max capacity is 5 persons or 1300 pounds.

Boat Specifications

  • LOA: 10’4″
  • Beam: 5’5″
  • Weight: 159 lbs
  • Capacity: 5 persons or 1,300 lbs
  • Max Motor: 20 HP Short
  • Rec Motor: 6-20 HP Short
  • Tube Diameter: 17″
  • Air Chambers: 3
  • Fabric Type: Hypalon
  • Factory Warranty: 5 Years
  • Hull Dimensions: 9’8″ x 3’5″ x 1’6″

Standard Features

Achilles pearl grey Hypalon reinforced fabric, deep “V” fiberglass hull, bow locker, heavy-duty full length rub strake, extra seat attachment patches, helmsman grip, removable wood seat, D-rings for towing bridle, stainless bow eye, lifting hardware for davits, lift and carry handles, grab handles, interior oar straps, fold-down locking oar system (385DX has paddle), gas tank tie down hardware, protective transom motor plate, bailer valve, foot pump, and maintenance kit


  1. David Castillo

    You just can’t beat what you get for the money. I bought the HB-DX SERIES and we all love it. We’re going to put a shade over it and a steering console, with a seat and storage under for a couple of passengers and to haul groceries or other things. I could go on, but whats the point. Its just great compared to what some of the better know name brands cost. $3,000 – $4,000 or more for what, when you can purchase this for a third of the cost.

  2. Davis Cruz

    Bought the SD365 for me and my son to fish. It’s been a ton of fun. Put a used 15 hp 2 stroke Johnson on it, goes about 18 mph with us and all our gear. Added transom wheels, and a couple low backed padded seats. We can disassemble and store in the garage in 30 min. So far we have inflated and deflated at least a dozen times. No issues or signs of wear.

  3. Matteo Sanders

    Hey, I just wanted to finally thank you for the awesome boat. I got the 12ft inflatable dingy with the air floor in January of 2010. This was a great solution for me. I live in an apartment and store the boat deflated on a trailer in my parent’s backyard with a waterproof tarp over it. The neighborhood won’t allow boats but since it sits on a small trailer, they don’t even know it’s a boat! Storability is the greatest advantage about this inflatable boat. Plus I plan on carrying the boat and outboard to the basement during the winter. I have gone out about 8 times this year and hope to go out a lot more next year. I would really recommend anyone to get some kind of hydrofoil for the outboard. They really do work, I gained 2mph, and the boat just feels a lot more stable. Turns are flatter and getting to plane is a quick process. Also check out my YouTube video below!

  4. Kenneth Stewart

    My son and I have a blast in the sd365. We take the dog and gear, load the boat in the truck, and go camping. We inflate it upon arrival and use it all week. Then deflate, break camp, and head home. It’s a great option for folks who cant park a boat in the yard and dont want the added expense of renting a space.

  5. Derek Walker

    I have a 12ft. boat w/a 25hp, that I purchased a few years ago (5/5/05) from your company. And I go crazy in it… I love it! I have jumped off boat wake in the bay behind my house: took it to Costa Rica and had it in the ocean with like 10 ft surf…..jumping them. Beach launched for spear fishing…..everything. But now the boat is still in Costa Rica and it is time for a new one. I have put that one thru hell. And one last thing, I don’t think anyone has put your boats thru the things that I have. I have jumped it so high that I hit bottom and sear the motor mount (clamp) off. And I still haven’t had a problem with it falling apart yet, besides a little delamination in the transom: and when I drive my boat I drive it to go as fast as I can…

  6. Gael Ortiz

    After 5 years and some scratches its still up and running this is some of the best quality fabric and construction I have found so far.

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